Content Shopper Token

Achieving high returns in just a few clicks is no longer a distant future.

CST token with already completed ecosystem, I introduce it now.


CST, the utility token
for collecting reliable information
and managing quality content. WHITE PAPER
By using a token that is designed to provide contents with
convenience and stability within various platforms,
users can pay for a variety of contents or distribute them to the platform.

The utility token used within this Content Shopper Platform is called the CST.

Trading Personal RoboAdvisor

CST is not a project that ends just with a white paper.
The trading strategies, which are designed by experts and are free from forgery or alterations due to the blockchain
technology, will become NFTs and the users may purchase these NFTs to strengthen their robo-advisors.
In particular, unlike other platforms, the individual investors have the ownership
of NFT-strategies, thus can have a complete control over their strategies.
CST is used exclusively for the CoinButler engine, developed by Traum Info tech Co., Ltd.
which has proved its technological powers through partnerships with large global exchanges.
In line with the mutual cooperation for the common goal of efficient asset management of individual investors,
CST will reduce the burden of investment and realize the
optimal balance between daily life and investment.

<Digital Source Asset Management Processor>

  1. Digital Source Assets

    Digital Source Asset Owner
  2. NFT Publishing

    NFT Publishing from
    Content Shopper
  3. Blockchain disclosure

    Global disclosure through the above
    tamper-proof blockchain
  4. Transactions and

    IP Transactions and
    Management with NFT

<Content Shopper Digital Source Asset Registration Processor>

  1. Intellectual
    Property Management
  2. Inquiry of the same/
    similar intellectual
    property rights
  3. Intellectual property
  4. Enter Metadata
  5. Upload Attachment
  6. Issuance of NFTs for proof of
    intellectual property rights

<‘Trading Strategy NFT’ Trading Processor>

  1. Create strategy
    after backtest

  2. Click the Sell
    Strategy button

  3. Strategy NFT

  4. Blockchain

  5. Strategy

  6. Strategy Payment
    and Application

  7. Monitoring


  • Tangible Project

    Project to start after completing the
    CoinButler system that can be
    visually identified

  • Blockchain Technology

    Implements reputation
    management of trader performance
    with blockchain technology that
    cannot be forged or altered

  • Ready for commercial use

    The cryptocurrency market is
    currently on the phase of
    and we are ready for it.

  • Solid partnerships

    Complete cross-partnerships with
    real-world large global exchanges,
    not packaged partnerships

Token Distribution

  • NAME :

    Content Shopper Token

  • TYPE :

    BSC (Binance Smart Chain
    based token)

  • SYMBOL :






  • NFT :

    ERC721 , BEP721, ERC 1155 based




    (max supply
    - burned tokens)

  • Team 10%
  • Advisor 4%
  • Research &
    Development 20%
  • Token sale 20%
  • Ecosystem 26%
  • Marketing 15%
  • Reserve 5%


Bitget X CST

As the first project for Beatget LunchPad,
You can meet the Content Shopper Token (CST)!

2022. 01. 13 22:00 (KST)

Road Map

  1. 2017.10

    • Made and validated a platform prototype for automated trading
  2. 2019.01

    • Participated jointly in the development of CoinButler,
      a multi-trading platform
  3. 2019.11

    • Completed the development of SPOT trading system
      (powered by trauminfotech)
  4. 2020.08

    • Completed the development of Personal Quant trading system
      (powered by trauminfotech)
  5. 2020.11

    • Established ISTRO PTE. LTD.
  6. 2023.Q4

    • Begin the development of Content Shopper System MVP
  7. 2024.Q2

    • Content Shopper System V1 Launch
  8. 2024.Q3

    • Mobile Apps Launch
      License Application in Korea
  9. 2024.Q4

    • Content Shopper System V2 Launch

CST disclosure information can be checked through blog.


Press Release